Ear Ache

Earache when the ear suddenly seems important than anything else. People can not think of pain, all the energy is concentrated to the pain, the people as one would like to end this suffering.

Earache may be caused by Eustachian tube (connecting the nose and middle ear cavity after the small tube) caused by blockage. Will continue to absorb the middle ear lining the middle ear in the air, but keep them open as long as the Eustachian tube, will be able to supply the process of swallowing air, so the air inside the middle ear will never be exhausted. As a result, the air pressure on both sides of the tympanic membrane can maintain a balance. When the Eustachian tube closed, the air pressure inside the middle ear on the out of balance. The air inside the middle ear has been absorbed, and no new air into, they are in a vacuum state, the tympanic membrane inward suction, so that the tympanic membrane tension generated due to pain.

Fly are especially vulnerable to this kind of ear pain, especially when they are cold or nasal obstruction. If the Eustachian tube blockage, the aircraft taking off and landing inside the middle ear pressure can not balance with the outside world.

Another major incentive earache ear infections. Otitis media in children is extremely common. When a cold or sore throat caused by bacteria or viruses into the Eustachian tube, they will lead to this infection. Infection will result in inflammation of the tympanic membrane swelling.

Untreated ear infection can lead to permanent hearing loss. In addition, earache, and sometimes other parts of the body that have problems, so time to find a medical examination is very important!

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